What We Believe

Below is the Discover Church constitution and Bylaws. It is a lengthy document meant to give you a great deal of understanding on where Discover Church stands on issues and doctrines that are found in Scripture. It is too easy to write a simple “What We Believe” statement that simply has fundamental teachings of the Christian faith so I decided to expand that so the reader could be more familiar with Discover Church.

This document briefly discusses our beliefs from creation, the sanctity of human life, human sexuality, all the way to future events. I hope it answers all your questions about this local church, but if there is a streak of curiosity in you, you are more than welcome to come and ask a question.

Lastly, please know that this constitution is not meant to supersede the Word of God, it is simply a systematic review of the truths found in the Bible concerning the purpose, governance and operation of the local church. When a conflict or ambiguity exists with regard to this document, deference is to be given to the Bible to resolve the conflict or ambiguity. With this document we shall, by God’s grace, endeavor to properly practice Biblical Christianity.